A Special Kind of Brain

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Sharing the experience of bringing up a child with nonverbal learning disability (NLD), this warm, humorous, and accessible book offers advice on subjects ranging across diagnosis and therapy to children's interaction with each other to suitable activities for a child with NLD. The author is the parent of a young son with NLD.


Foreword, Byron P. Rourke.
1. What's the Matter with Jimmy?
2. The Diagnosis and Dealing With It.
3. At Home: Parenting the NLD Child.
4. Managing 'Inflow': The Kid in the Candy Store.
5. Persever-What? Fountain Soda and Batman.
6. Socialization: It's a Jungle Out There.
7. Teaching Social Skills.
8. Activities for the NLD Child.
9. NLD at School: Working with the System.
10. Discussing NLD with Your Child.
11. Living with NLD Every Day.
12. Trips, Holidays, Vacations.
13. Getting Involved: Support Groups, Septas, Workshops.
14. Seeking Outside Help for Your NLD Child. Afterthoughts. Acknowledgements. Resources. Bibliography. Index.


Nancy Russell Burger is a freelance writer whose nine-year-old son, Jimmy, was diagnosed with NLD at the age of four. She lives in Redding, Connecticut with her husband David, Jimmy and seven-year-old daughter Shawn.

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