Post and Courier Service in the Diplomacy of Early Modern Europe

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Juli 1972



Diplomatic negotiation of our day is a curious mix of national endeavor within the bloc concept. The remnants of our nineteenth century nation­ alism struggles - half willingly - with the power that a larger continental or ideological bloc might bring. In the sixteenth century men knew that the protective bloc of Christendom would not provide peace, yet they were not sure that the new national states would secure it either. We have much to gain from a study of diplomatic procedures and institutions in such a transitional period. This monograph is based upon the great collections of published diplomatic correspondence of England, France, and Spain and, thanks to the generosity of Dr. De Lamar Jensen, I have been fortunate in having at my disposal his hoard of microfilmed letters and dispatches of the leading ambassadors of the sixteenth century. Of course, I have not read all the diplomatic correspondence, but I believe I have culled sufficient information to show and analyze the role played by the post and courier service in the diplomacy of Early Modem Europe.


I. Introduction: Early Modern Diplomacy and the Royal Post and Courier Service to 1598.- France.- Spain.- England.- Conclusion.-
II. The Diplomatic Courier: Some Generalizations.- Aspects of courier travel.- Courier qualifications.- The courier's load.- Regularity of service.- Conclusion.-
III. Courier Finances.-
IV. Routes and Travel Conditions.- England.- Continent.- Roads.- Passport.- Health certificate.- Posting inns.- Horses.- Conclusion.-
V. French Diplomatic Couriers.- Couriers to England.- Couriers to Spain.- Couriers to Rome.- Couriers to Venice and Constantinople.- Couriers to Low Countries.- Conclusion.-
VI. Spanish Diplomatic Couriers.- Madrid-Vienna couriers.- Spanish couriers in France.- Madrid-Brussels couriers.- Madrid-London couriers.- Madrid-Rome couriers.- Conclusion.-
VII. English Diplomatic Couriers.- I: English Diplomatic Couriers.- Couriers from Queen and Council.- Ambassadorial couriers in France.- Ambassadorial couriers in the Low Countries.- Ambassadorial couriers to Spain.- Conclusion.- II: John Wells.-
VIII. Conclusion: Post and Courier Service in Early Modern European Foreign Policy.-
Appendix I: Diplomatic Couriers 1559-1598.-
Appendix II: Departures of the Venice "Ordinary" as Recorded by French Ambassador Hurault de Maisse.-
Appendix III: Ordonnance du Roi Touchant les Postes 29 Mai 1560.-
Appendix IV: Mémoire pour le Faict des Couriers Ord.res d'Espagne pour l'Italie passans par la France.-
Appendix V: Certificat d'André De Salazar Touchant un Courier Tué près de Poictiers, et ses Dépesches.
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