Deliver Outstanding Customer Service: How to Gain and Retain Customers and Stay Ahead of the Competition

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Dezember 2002



This guide to customer service introduces a service management model that saves time and money by providing information, skills and techniques to raise competency in customer care.


1. Understanding customer service; 2. Exceeding customer expectations; 3. Customer service strategy; 4. Hiring the right people; 5. Developing personal service skills; 6. Managing customer interaction; 7. Implementing effective processes; 8. Dealing with customer complaints; 9. Instituting continuous improvement processes; 10. Helping managers become leaders; 11. Delighting the customer


Susan Nash is the President of the US-based EM-Power Training and Consulting and has worked with a diverse range of international companies. Derek Nash tutors Customer Service Excellence at EM-Power and draws on long experience of customer service and support in industry. They train in customer service both in the US and the UK. They live in Foster City, California, US.


'Neat, simple and effective. Actually that sounds like what most customers want.' The Bookseller; 'This title will be a revelation to all those who put more money and energy into attracting new customers than taking care of their existing ones.' Training Journal
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