Technology and Transcendence

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Mai 2004



This collection of essays represents the work of fifteen scholars in four disciplines: philosophy, theology, sociology, and cultural studies. It offers an interdisciplinary reflection on the role and impact of technology in society, focusing on the implications for human flourishing. It attempts to engage the Christian vision of the human person with questions concerning technological progress, drawing on an interdisciplinary base. Two of the contributors teach in the U.S: Rev. Stephen Butler Murray, Skidmore College, and Paul Brian Campbell, LeMoyne College. All of the editors teach at Mary Immaculate College. University of Limerick. Eamonn Conway is currently a Visiting Professor at Notre Dame University.


Michael Breen is Head of the Department of Media & Communication Studies at University of Limerick. Eamonn Conway heads the Department of Theology and Religious Studies at University of Limerick. Barry McMillan is a moral theologian and a Jubilee Research Scholar in the Dept. of Theology & Religious Studies, University of Limerick.

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