Between Poetry and Politics: Essays in Honour of Enda McDonagh

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April 2004



These seventeen essays by many distinguished contributors--including Seamus Heaney and Mary Robinson--celebrate the unique contribution Enda McDonagh has made to the field of theological ethics. This collection mirrors his interdisciplinary approach and expands the scope of theological ethics well beyond its traditional scope, transcending the boundaries of the discipline in many different directions. Artists, poets, politicians, and theologians reflect on the manner in which the imaginative, political, and religious dimensions of life intersect in local and global contexts. Some of the subjects explored include Church politics and HIV prevention, ethical globalization, justice and the developing world, the social role of the theologian, and religion and the visual arts.


Some of the contents: Between Poetry and Politics: Christian Theology in Dialogue - Linda Hogan The Light of Heaven (Dante, Paradiso, Canto XXXIII) - Seamus Heaney Music, Prayer and Silence - Gabriel Daly Religion and the Visual Arts - Imogen Stuart Jesus, Prayer and Politics - Sean Freyne The Social Role of the Theologian From the Dawn of Civilisation to the Present Day - James P Mackey Conversation in Context - Nicholas Lash


Linda Hogan lectures at the Irish School of Ecumenics, Trinity College, Dublin. Barbara Fitzgerald has been involved with ecumenism in Ireland for many years, particularly with the Glenstal Ecumenical Conference.

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