Republicanism in Modern Ireland

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Februar 2004



These eleven essays explore various aspects of Irish republicanism, north and south, from the early twentieth century to today. An awareness of history, and its uses, has long been a notable characteristic of modern Irish republicanism. Some of the topics covered include republicanism and democracy, paramilitarism, IRA veterans, the IRA and its relationship with Nazi Germany, and the mentality of extreme republicanism.


Republicans and democracy in modern Irish politics, R.V Comerford; paramilitary politics and the Irish revolution, Peter Hart; "The Irregular and Bolshie situation" - republicanism and communism, 1921-36, Donal Drisceoil; "Too damned tolerant" - republicans and imperialism in the Irish Free State, 1922-37, Fearghal McGarry; IRA veterans and land division in independent Ireland, 1932-48, Terence Dooley; British intelligence, the republican movement and the IRA's German links, 1935-45, Eunan O'Halpin; an army of our Fenian dead - republicanism, monuments and commemoration; a nation once again - towards an epistemology of the republican imaginaire, Eugene O'Brien; the rhetoric of republican legitimacy, Brian Hanley; provisional republicanism - internal politics, inequities and modes of repression, Anthony McIntyre.


"Most of the contributors avoid the easy parallels and the simple definitions and point up both the problems and potentially fruitful areas for further research and discussion." Fortnight Feb 2004 "This collection indicates movement - subtle and otherwise - in historical approaches to Irish republicanism ... McGarry, with UCD Press, has produced a stimulating volume." Irish Times August 2004
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