Truth, Power, and Lies: Irish Society and the Case of the Kerry Babies

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Mai 2004



The mysterious deaths of two babies in Country Kerry in 1982 affects all of Irish society.


Telling stories - truth is stranger than fiction; the investigation; preparing the case against the hayes family; the Hayes family story; the garda's story; blaming the Hayes family; explaining the false confessions; the context; long-term processes of change; honour and shame; telling lies; policing the state; the media; unruly bodies; conclusion. Appendix: survey results.


"Tom Inglis' book ... is simply a tour de force, I read it in one sitting with mounting appreciation for a wonderful and detailed bit of writing. It is the kind of book that gives sociology a good name ... Do read this book." Books Ireland April 2004 "Through his thoughtful analysis of documents, Inglis opens possibilities foreclosed by the official government reports and challenges us to think about the precariousness of both truth and democracy." American Journal of Sociology 2005 "an empathetic and articulate testament to a society that destroyed its weakest, a passionate and intelligent exposure of the boundaries by which we continue to construct our state and selves." Irish Studies Review 13 (4) 2005 "Inglis demonstrates a remarkable knowledge of Irish social and cultural history that he employs to good effect and he also skilfully uses comparative data from other societies. An excellent and illuminating study." British Journal of Criminology 46 May 2006
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