Boys: Stories and a Novella

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November 2004



The narrator of the novella, Boys, is a thirteen-year-old Chris, a member of a small gang that includes his two friends, Frank and Joey. The novella poignantly charts Chris's involvement with a girl named Lisa, his fascination with a pornographic magazine, the building of a "boys only" tree house, his traumatized relationships with Frank and Joey, and the disappearance of his sister Jenny. The twelve stories in On Monday proceed chronologically from a Monday to a Tuesday morning. Each story highlights a different character's experiences with parents, friends, teachers, the expectations of others and the expectations of a culture and an era. Characters and settings present in one story reappear in other stories, building upon and heightening the experiences of all of them. In part, an indictment of how American society shapes and misshapes its children, Boys also celebrates the creativity and wonder that are a part of adolescence.


David Lloyd is director of the Creative Writing Program at Le Moyne College. He is the winner of the Maryland Poetry Review 2002 chapbook contest as well as the cowinner of the Poetry Society of America's year 2000 Robert H. Winner Memorial Award.


"Spare, simple stories that accrue winningly, reminding us of the Machiavellian complexities of childhood, and its occasional quiet victories." - George Saunders, author of Civil War Land in Bad Decline and Pastorelia; "David Lloyd's translucent prose reveals some of the darkest secrets of childhood. Boys is a wise and deeply satisfying book." - David Huddle, author of The Story of a Million Years and La Tour Dreams of the Wolf Girl; "Boys is a brilliant evocation of the rites of passage for adolescents. In quiet, understated prose, David Lloyd details the small but powerful moments in a boy's life.... When you finish the book, you can only wonder how any boy in America survives to manhood." - Michael C. White, author of A Brother's Blood; "David Lloyd summons clear-eyed, hard-hitting moments of the age where childhood is left behind and new rules are sought, where boys may be fierce in loyalty or betrayal, show tenderness or - more often - no mercy.... These boys linger, sometimes haunt, keeping their secrets as real boys do." - Harriet Richards, author of The Lavender Child and Time for the Piano Timer to Die"
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