Yearbook of European Environmental Law: Volume 1

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August 2000



The Yearbook of European Environmental Law is a joint venture among leading academics, practitioners, and European Community officials. Academics and students will find a wealth of information in the stimulating and clearly written articles. The well-structured and reliable Annual Surveys are specifically designed to provide easy access to the very latest developments in environmental law at both European and national levels.


Environmental Regulation in Federal Systems ; Flexibility in the Implementation of EC Environmental Law ; From Danish Bottles to Danish Bees: The Dynamics of Free Movement of Goods and Environmental Protection - a Case Law Analysis ; EC Environmental Law and Self-Regulation in the Member States: In Search of a Legislative Framework ; European Community Eco-Labelling in Transition ; Judicial Review of Environmental Misconduct in the European Community: Problems, Prospects, and Strategies ; The Legal Framework for the Regulation of Waste in the European Community ; Environmental NGOs and EU Environmental Law ; Challenges and Opportunities in EC Waste Management: Perspectives on the Problem of End of Life Vehicles ; The Environmental Guarantee after Amsterdam: Does the Emperor Have New Clothes? ; The Private Enforcement of Member State Compliance with EC Environmental Law: an Unfulfilled Promise? ; Surveys ; Book Reviews ; Documents ;
1. Communications, Greenbooks and Whitebooks ;
2. Reports ;
3. Non-ACEA manufacturers ;
4. Further steps in the follow-up to the Agreement ;
5. Conclusions


Han Somsen is Lecturer in Law at Nijmegen University, Netherlands
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