Folk Tales from Simla

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Dezember 1998



From Simla, once the summer capital of India under British rule, comes a charming collection of Himalayan folk lore, known for its beauty, wit, and mysticism. These 56 stories, fire-side tales of the hill-folk of Northern India, will surely delight readers of all ages. One of the stories, "The Power of Fate, " is a tale of a Rajah who summons his six daughters to ask each whether she is satisfied with her lot in life. When the youngest princess refuses to flatter her father as her oldest sisters have done, he brutally banishes her. This Himalayan counterpart to the story of King Lear, however, includes an enchanted jungle, the intervention of the god, Mahadeo, and a magical fan, that causes a Prince to appear for the banished Princess when waved. Eight illustrations by the author complete this delightful volume.


Alice Elizabeth Dracott
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Untertitel: Stories from the Himalayas. 2 Rev ed. Ill. Sprache: Englisch.
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