Integration of Natural Language and Vision Processing

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Oktober 1995



Although there has been much progress in developing theories, models and systems in the areas of natural language processing (NLP) and vision processing (VP), there has hitherto been little progress in integrating these two subareas of artificial intelligence. The papers in Integration of Natural Language and Vision Processing focus on site descriptions, such as the work at Apple Computer, California, and the DFKI, Saarbrücken, on historical surveys and philosophical issues, on systems that have been built, enabling communication through text, speech, sound, touch, video, graphics and icons, and on the automatic presentation of information, whether it be in the form of instruction manuals, statistical data or visualisation of language. There is also a review of Mark Maybury's book Intelligent Multimedia Interfaces. Audience: Vital reading for all interested in the SuperInformationHighways of the future.


About the authors. Editorial. Research in multimedia systems at DFKI; E. André, T. Rist. Apple computer's authoring tools and titles R&D program; J.C. Spohrer. Research into iconic communication at the University of Brighton; C. Breardon. Temporal codes within a typology of cooperation between modalities; J.-C. Martin, D. Béroule. Research in multimedia and multimodal parsing and generation; M.T. Maybury. A third modality of natural language? O. Stock. Generating coherent presentations employing textual and visual material; E. André, T. Rist. The design of a model-based multimedia interaction manager; Y. Arens, E. Hovy. Discourse structures in iconic communication; C. Breardon. Communicating through pictures; M. Yazdani, S. Mealing. Language visualisation: applications and theoretical foundations of a primitive-based approach; A. Narayanan, et al. Book review: Intelligent multimedia interfaces by M.T. Maybury; E. Maier.
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