Introduction to Distributed Algorithms

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September 2000



The second edition of this successful textbook provides an up-to-date introduction both to distributed algorithms and to the theory behind them.


Preface; 1. Introduction: distributed systems; Part I. Protocols: 2. The model; 3. Communication protocols; 4. Routing algorithms; 5. Deadlock-free packet switching; Part II. Fundamental Algorithms: 6. Wave and traversal algorithms; 7. Election algorithms; 8. Termination detection; 9. Anonymous networks; 10. Snapshots; 11. Sense of direction and orientation; 12. Synchrony in networks; Part III. Fault Tolerance: 13. Fault tolerance in distributed systems; 14. Fault tolerance in asynchronous systems; 15. Fault tolerance in synchronous systems; 16. Failure detection; 17. Stabilization; Part IV. Appendix A: pseudocode conventions; Appendix B: graphs and networks; References; Index.


"...an excellent overview of available techniques." Computing Reviews "The book provides an up-to-date introduction to both distributed algorithms, and to the theory behind these algorithms. The clear presentation makes the book suitable for advanced undergraduate or graduate courses, while the coverage is sufficiently deep to make it useful for practising engineers and researchers." Mathematical Reviews "Provides a very decent interesting to significant topics of the theory of Distributed Computing, and it is especially suitable as both a reference book and a textbook." SIGACT News "...a nice textbook...I recommend this book for readers who are interested in a theoretical view of distributed control algorithms." IEEE Parallel & Distributed Technology
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