Stevens' Handbook of Experimental Psychology, 4 Volume Set

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For over half a century, the Stevens' Handbook of Experimental Psychology has served as the definitive reference for the field. In an era when the field of experimental psychology appears to be experiencing much fractionation, the Stevens' Handbook of Experimental Psychology continues to serve as a cohesive reference unifying the diverse body of research. The Third Edition continues the rigorous tradition set by Stanley Stevens of adhering to a level of scholarship sufficient to serve the needs of academics, and a level of clarity to aid graduate students just beginning in the field. *Revised and updated edition of the definitive resource for experimental psychology offers comprehensive coverage of the latest findings in the field, as well as the explosion of research in neuroscience. *The most reputable resource available in the field - Stanley Smith Stevens' research and writing has influenced generations of experimental psychologists. *Expanded coverage - from two to four volumes, including in-depth material on Methodology, Behavioral Genetics, and more. Individual volumes available separately. See below.


1. Neural Basis of Vision.
2. Color Vision.
3. Depth Perception.
4. Perception of Visual Motion.
5. Perceptual Organization in Vision.
6. Attention.
7. Visual Object Recognition.
8. Motor Control.
9. Neural Basis of Audition.
10. Auditory Perception and Cognition.
11. Music Perception and Cognition..
12. Speech Perception.
13. Neural Basis of Haptic Perception.
14. Touch and Haptics.
15. Perception of Pain and Temperature..
16. Taste.
17. Olfaction.
Author Index.
Subject Index.
1. Kinds of Memory.
2. Models of Memory.
3. Cognitive Neuroscience.
4. Spatial Cognition.
5. Knowledge Representation.
6. Psycholinguistics.
7. Language Processing.
8. Problem Solving.
9. Reasoning.
10. Decision Making.
11. Concepts and Categorization.
12. Cognitive Development.
13. Culture and Cognition.
Author Index.
Subject Index.
1. Associative Structures in Pavlovian and Instrumental Conditioning.
2. Learning: Laws and Models of Basic Conditioning.
3. Reinforcement Learning.
4. Neural Analysis of Learning in Simple Systems.
5. Learning Mutants.
6. Learning Instincts.
7. Perceptual Learning.
8. Spatial Learning.
9. Temporal Learning.
10. Role of Learning in Cognitive Development.
11. Language Acquisition.
12. The Role of Learning in the Operation of Motivational Systems.
13. Emotional Plasticity.
14. Anatomy of Motivation.
15. Hunger and Energy Homeostasis.
16. Thirst and Water-Salt Appetite.
17. Reproductive Motivation.
18. Social Behavior.
19. Addiction.
Author Index.
Subject Index.
1. Representational Measurement Theory.
2. Signal Detection Theory.
3. Psychophysical Scaling.
4. Cognitive Neuropsychology.
5. Functional Brain Imaging.
6. Neural Network Modeling.
7. Parallel and Serial Processing.
8. Methodology and Statistics in Single-Subject Experiments.
9. Analysis, Interpretation, and Visual Presentation of Experimental Data.
10. Meta-Analysis.
11. Mathematical Modeling.
12. Analysis of Response Time Distributions.
13. Testing and Measurement.
14. Personality and Individual Differences.
15. Electrophysiology of Attention.
16. Single Versus Multiple Systems of Memory and Learning.
17. Infant Cognition.
18. Aging and Cognition.
Author Index.
Subject Index.
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