Dynamics of Language Contact: English and Immigrant Languages

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Discusses disparate findings to examine the dynamics of contact between languages in an immigrant context.


List of map and figures; List of tables; Series editor's foreword; Acknowledgements; List of abbreviations; 1. Introduction; 2. Dynamics of language shift; 3. On models and terms; 4. Dynamics of convergence and transference; 5. Dynamics of transversion; 6. Dynamics of plurilingual processing; 7. Dynamics of cultural values in contact discourse; 8. Towards a synthesis; Notes; References; Index of authors; Index of languages; Index of subjects.


Michael Clyne is Professorial Fellow in Linguistics and Director of the Research Unit for Multilingualism and Cross-Cultural Communication at the University of Melbourne. His books include Language and Society in German-Speaking Countries (Cambridge, 1984), Community Languages: the Australian Experience (Cambridge, 1991), Pluricentric Languages (1992), The German Language in a Changing Europe (Cambridge, 1995), and Intercultural Communication at Work (Cambridge, 1995).


'Clyne ... has provided a comprehensive study of language contact and language shift phenomena in Australia. He has also succeeded in making it a fascinating and highly accessible read ... Clyne's treatment of pragmatic aspects is highly fascinating ...' GAST Newsletter 'This volume is rich in telling the story of the immigrant languages in contact with English ... a solid contribution to a growing field.' Multilingua '... offers the reader an exhaustive review of aspects pertinent to language change under conditions of language shift. Each chapter is meticulously written researched, and is exemplified by a wealth of extensive data representing a variety of language typologies. Clyne's work offers insightful reflections attained through decades of work in this field of investigation. I thoroughly recommend his latest monograph to those interested in the field of language contact and would argue that it should be required reading for lecturers, researchers and students of language alike.' International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism '... a highly interesting and very readable book ... offers a wealth of intriguing examples of language contact and some very lucid analysis ... a very impressive overview of language contact in Australia and it can be expected to be on the bibliographies of studies of language contact for many years to come.' Journal of Linguistics
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