Feminism and Christian Ethics

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Februar 2004



In this book, the author offers a comprehensive interpretation of feminist theologies. Parsons critically analyzes the diversity of feminist approaches to moral reasoning by exploring the paradigms of liberalism, social constructionism and naturalism.


General editor's preface; Preface; 1. On diversity; 2. The liberal paradigm; 3. Critique of liberalism; 4. The social constructionist paradigm; 5. Critique of social constructionism; 6. The naturalist paradigm; 7. Critique of naturalism: transition: picking up some threads; 8. Towards an appropriate universalism; 9. Towards a redemptive community; 10. Towards a new humanism; Notes; Bibliography; Index.


"...this is a well written overview and analysis of major feminist approaches to doing ethics. The reader will receive good grounding in the diversity of feminist ethical thinking. You do not need to be a "scholar" to benefit from this book." At The Center (Publication) "Parsons provides a valuable resource for feminist theologians who may not read widely in feminist theory." Marsha Aileen Hewitt, Theological Studies "Parsons has written an important book that constructs a framework for feminist ethics from resources in feminist theory." Mary E. Hobgood, Jrnl of Ecumenical Studies
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