Serve and Learn: Implementing and Evaluating Service-Learning in Middle and High Schools

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This book suggests how teachers and community partners can use service-learning in ways that can systematically enhance student academic outcomes and their civic education and lead to their informed and fruitful civic participation as youth & adults.


Contents: Preface. Part I: Foundations for Service-Learning. A Collaborative Model for Service-Learning. Designs for Service-Learning Projects in Middle and High Schools. Preparing to Use Service-Learning. Part II: Designing Service-Learning Projects Using the Collaborative Service-Learning Model. Committing to a Service-Learning Project. Setting Goals in a Student Outcomes Plan. Linking Service and Learning With Reflective Learning Experiences. Evaluating Projects and Celebrating Growth. Part III: Resources for Service-Learning Projects. Strategies for Encouraging Commitment to Projects. Strategies for Measuring Student Outcomes. Strategies for Designing Reflective Learning Experiences. Strategies for Evaluating Projects and Celebrating Growth. Additional Resources for Service-Learning.


"The content of this book is just wonderful. It will contribute immensely to the quality of practice in the field." - Shelley H. Billig RMC Research Corporation; "Serve and Learn presents an approach to servicelearning use that, to my knowledge, has not been offered for K12 educators by other publications. It provides much more detail regarding assessment and evaluation than other books on the subject....This type of structured approach to servicelearning is valuable to assist practitioners to focus on specific elements that increase the likelihood of positive learning outcomes." - Jeffrey Anderson Seattle University"
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