The Politics of Deceit: Saving Freedom and Democracy from Extinction

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Juli 2004



A compelling indictment of the Bush Administration's cynical, anti-democratic manipulation of the mediaIn this devastating analysis of American politics today, a former Democratic campaign advisor pulls back the curtain on the pervasive political manipulation of the media-and reveals just how fragile our democracy is. From political ads and talk shows to mainstream media reporting, Glenn Smith shows how American political discourse is now dominated by carefully scripted images and rhetoric-most of which benefit the Republicans and their corporate allies. The result is public apathy toward politics-and a real threat to American freedom.To reclaim our nation, Smith argues, we must revitalize politics at the grassroots level-and liberals must realize that religion and spirituality are not antithetical to a progressive agenda. For anyone troubled by manipulative political advertising, self-aggrandizing celebrity pundits, and the undiminished role of money in politics, this necessary book lays out the full scope of the problem-and points the way toward solutions.Glenn Smith (Austin, TX), a former journalist and political consultant, managed MoveOn.org's Defending Democracy Campaign. He is currently managing DriveDemocracy.org, a spin-off of MoveOn, and a consultant to the Rockridge Institute, a progressive think tank.





1. The Madness of King George III and Our Contemporary Political Dilemma.

2. Freedom.

3. Shaking Bugs Bunny's Hand in Disneyland: Democracy Will Not Be Televised.

4. Dead Pope Music: The Press and American Politics.

5. The Threatened Habitats of Democracy.

6. Lantern Bearing and the American Covenant Tradition.

7. The Other Superpower: The Internet's New "Interactivists" and the Public Sphere.

8. Shooting Elephants: The Language of Politics.

9. Freedom and Religion: The Visions of Jacob and Orestes.

10. In America.




GLENN W. SMITH has been a behind-the-scenes advisor to U.S. senators and governors, as well as a partner with key presidential advisors to President Clinton and President Bush. He has advised major U.S. businesses and institutions on communications strategies and worked for politicians and organizations from Washington, D.C., to California. Smith, who managed the recent Defend Democracy Campaign for MoveOn.org, has established DriveDemocracy.org to open new avenues for political participation at the state and local levels. He has also served as a consultant to the Rockridge Institute, a progressive think tank based in California. Previously, he was managing director of Public Strategies, Inc., an international public affairs firm. Before entering politics, Smith was a journalist for many years. He lives in Austin, Texas.

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