Thermo- and Fluid Dynamic Processes in Diesel Engines 2

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This is the second book edited with a selection of papers from the two-yearly THIESEL Conference on Thermo- and Fluid Dynamic Processes in Diesel Engines, organised by CMT-Mvtores Termicos of the Universidad Po/itecnica de Valencia, Spain. This volume includes versions of papers selected from those presented at the THIESEL 2002 Conference th held on lOth to 13 September 2002. We hope it will be the second volume of a long series reflecting the quality of the THIESEL Conference. This year, the papers are grouped in six main thematic areas: State of the Art and Prospective, Injection Systems and Spray Formation, Combustion and Emissions, Engine Modelling, Alternative Combustion Concepts and Experimental Techniques. The actual conference covered a wider scope of topics, including Air Management and Fuels for Diesel Engines and a couple of papers included reflect this variety. However, the selection of papers published here represents the most current preoccupations of Diesel engine designers, namely how to improve the combustion process using new injection strategies and alternative concepts such as the Homogeneous Charge Combustion Ignition.


1 State-of-the-art and prospective.- Future and Potential of Diesel Injection Systems.- Present and Future of Heavy Duty Engines Strategies for Compliance to the Emission Legislation.- 2 Injection systems and spray formation.- Nozzle flow and spray characteristics from VCO diesel injector nozzles.- Development of a Transient Hydrogen Jet in a High-Swirl Constant Volume Chamber.- Experimental Validation of a Spray Breakup and Fuel Evaporation Models in High Pressure Ambient Conditions.- Modeling of Two-Phase Flows: An Eulerian Model for Diesel Injection.- 3 Combustion and Emissions.- Injection Pressure and Orifice Diameter Effects on Soot in DI Diesel Fuel Jets.- The Influence of Swirl and Injection Pressure on Post-Combustion Turbulence in a HSDI Diesel Engine.- Benefits of Water-Fuel Emulsion on Automotive Diesel Exhaust Emissions.- Combustion Development of Euro 4 Heavy-Duty Diesel Engines.- Optimizing the Multiple Injection Settings on a HSDI Diesel Engine.- An Integrated Approach for the Design of Diesel Engine Exhaust Systems to meet Euro 4 and beyond Emissions Legislations.- 4 Engine Modelling.- Investigation Concerning the Effect of Post Fuel Injection on the Performance and Pollutants of Heavy Duty Diesel Engines Using a Multi-Zone Combustion Model.- Development and Application of a Semi-Empirical NOx Model to Various HD Diesel Engines.- CFD for Combustion Chamber Development: Influence of Valve Pockets on the Combustion Process.- Optimization of IC Engine Design for Reduced Emissions Using CFD Modeling.- Analysis of Combustion Chamber Resonance in DI Automotive Diesel Engines.- 5 New Combustion Concepts.- Effect of Injection Conditions on Penetration and Drop Size of HCCI Diesel Sprays.- Mixture Formation and Combustion Control for Low Emission DI Diesel Combustion with HCCI-Characteristics.- A Study on Combustion Structure of Premixed Compression Ignition Diesel Engines.- Effect of Stratified Rich and High Turbulence Combustion on the Reduction of NOx and Particulate Emissions from a DI Diesel Engine.- 6 Experimental Techniques.- Optical Techniques for Diesel Spray and Combustion.- Optical Investigation of Injection Strategy and Swirl Number Effects on the Combustion Process in a Small HSDI Diesel Engine.- LIEF Measurement and Calculation Analysis of an Evaporating Spray.- Estimation of Diesel Particulate Emissions from Hydrocarbon Emissions and Smoke Opacity.
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