Emergence and Control of Zoonotic Viral Encephalitides

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In this period of obvious natural emergence of viral and other diseases, it is unclear as to what diseases are emerging, why they are emerging, and what, if anything, can be done to prevent or diminish their impact. This book, a compendium of presentations made at an international meeting of experts, provides summaries of areas of concern and details as to how disease agents such as Nipah and Hendra viruses in Australasia and West Nile virus in the Americas might have suddenly appeared. Either by alterations in natural habitats and diversity or by chance, pathogens emerge from time to time. This book addresses various aspects of such emergences, such as pathogenetic mechanisms of viruses, diagnosis of viral infections, viral host-management strategies, viral genetics, vaccine development and application. It is especially valuable for laboratory virologists, disease ecologists, physicians, and those who want to understand the complexities of viral characteristics.


Childs, J. E.: Zoonotic viruses of wildlife: hither from yon De Gourville, E., Dowdle,W. R.: The role of surveillance in polio eradication and identification of emerging viral encephalitis Griffin, D. E., Byrnes, A. P., Cook, S. H.: Emergence and virulence of encephalitogenic arboviruses Beasley, D.W. C., Davis, C. T., Whiteman, M., Granwehr, B., Kinney, R. M., Barrett, A. D. T.: Molecular determinants of virulence of West Nile virus in NorthAmerica Weaver, S. C., Anishchenko, M., Bowen, R., Brault, A. C., Estrada-Franco, J. G., Fernandez, Z., Greene, I., Ortiz, D., Paessler, S., Powers, A. M.: Genetic determinants of Venezuelan equine encephalitis emergence Gould, E. A., Moss, S. R., Turner, S. L.: Evolution and dispersal of encephalitic flaviviruses Lvov, D. K., Butenko, A. M., Gromashevsky, V. L., Kovtunov, A. I., Prilipov, A. G., Kinney, R., Aristova,V. A., Dzharkenov, A. F., Samokhvalov, E. I., Savage, H. M., Shchelkanov, M.Y., Galkina, I.V., Deryabin, P. G., Gubler, D. J., Kulikova, L. N., Alkhovsky, S. K., Moskvina, T. M., Zlobina, L. V., Sadykova, G. K., Shatalov, A. G., Lvov, D. N., Usachev, V. E., Voronina, A. G.: West Nile virus and other zoonotic viruses in Russia: examples of emerging-reemerging situations Mackenzie, J. S., Field, H. E.: Emerging encephalitogenic viruses: lyssaviruses and henipaviruses transmitted by frugivorous bats Field, H., Mackenzie, J., Daszak, P.: Novel viral encephalitides associated with bats (Chiroptera) - host management strategies Eaton, B.T.,Wright,P. J.,Wang, L.-F., Sergeyev, O., Michalski,W.P., Bossart, K. N., Broder, C. C.: Henipaviruses: recent observations on regulation of transcription and the nature of the cell receptor Heinz, F. X., Stiasny, K.,Allison, S. L.: The entry machinery of flaviviruses Frolov, I.: Persistent infection and suppression of host response by alphaviruses Lafon, M.: Subversive neuroinvasive strategy of rabies virus Solomon, T., Winter, P. M.: Neurovirulence and host factors in flavivirus encephalitis - evidence from clinical epidemiology Irusta, P. M., Lamos, E., Galonek, H. L., Vander Maten, M. A., Boersma, M. C. H., Chen,Y.-B., Hardwick, J. M.: Regulation of apoptosis by viruses that infect insects Fazakerley, J. K.: Semliki Forest virus infection of laboratory mice: a model to study the pathogenesis of viral encephalitis Kofler, R. M., Heinz, F. X., Mandl, C.W.: A novel principle of attenuation for the development of new generation live flavivirus vaccines Heinz, F. X., Kunz, C.: Tick-borne encephalitis and the impact of vaccination Johnston, R. E., Davis, N. L.: Future vaccines against emerging encephalitides Minke, J. M., Siger, L., Karaca, K., Austgen, L., Gordy, P., Bowen, R., Renshaw, R. W., Loosmore, S., Audonnet, J. C., Nordgren, B.: Recombinant canarypoxvirus vaccine carrying the prM/E genes ofWest Nile virus protects horses against aWest Nile virus-mosquito challenge Vernet, G.: Diagnosis of zoonotic viral encephalitis
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