Dynamic Modelling of Gas Turbines

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Whereas other books in this area stick to the theory, this book shows the reader how to apply the theory to real engines. It provides access to up-to-date perspectives in the use of a variety of modern advanced control techniques to gas turbine technology.


Introduction to Gas Turbine Engine Control.-
Part I: Gas Turbine Models.- Models and the Control System Design Cycle.- Off-line Models.- On-line Models.-
Part II: Gas Turbine System Identification.- Linear System Identification.- Linear Gas Turbine Modelling.- Closed-loop Control and System Identification.- Nonlinear Gas Turbine Modelling.-
Part III: New Perspectives in Modelling, Identification, Condition Monitoring and Control.- Nonlinear Model Structure Selection Using Evolutionary Optimisation Methods.- System Identification Using Frequency Response Techniques with Optimal Spectral Resolution.- Turbo Prop Fan Engine Identification: Practical Issues.- Stochastic Gas Turbine Engine Models.- Markov Modelling of a Turbo Prop Fan.- Optimal Control of Gas Turbine Engines Using Mathematical Programming.- Dynamic Model Identification of a Turbo Jet Engine.


The Editor, Professor Haydn Thompson, has 21 years' experience working in a mixture of senior industrial research and development roles in flight control systems, space programmes and signal processing applications. In 1993 he joined the newly initiated Rolls-Royce Control and Systems University Technology Centre as Programme Manager. He is a consultant to Rolls-Royce, the MoD and the European Commission. He has over 60 publications on applications of distributed systems, multi-disciplinary multi-objective optimisation and gas turbine engine control and fault diagnosis. He has also written a book on gas turbine engine control. He is a member of the International Federation of Automatic Control's (IFAC) International Aerospace Control, Mechatronics and Real-Time Computing and Control Committees, the Institution of Electronic and Electrical Engineers Aerospace Committee, and IEE representative on committees at the IMechE and Royal Aeronautical Society. He is a member of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

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