Security in Pervasive Computing

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Januar 2004



The ongoing compression of computing facilities into small and mobile devices like handhelds, portables or even wearable computers will enhance ubiquitous information processing. The basic paradigm of such pervasive computing is the combination of strongly decentralized and distributed computing with the help of diversi?ed devices allowingforspontaneousconnectivityviatheInternet.Computerswillbecomeinvisible to the user, and exchangeof informationbetween devices will effectivelybe beyondthe user's control. Assuming a broad usage of more powerful tools and more effective ways to use them the quality of everydaylife will be strongly in?uenced by the dependabilityof the new technology. Information stored, processed, and transmitted by the various devices is one of the most critical resources. Threats exploiting vulnerabilities of new kinds of user interfaces, displays, operating systems, networks, and wireless communications will cause new risks of losing con?dentiality, integrity, and availability. Can these risks be reducedbycountermeasuresto an acceptablelevelor dowe haveto rede?nepolitical and social demands. The objective of this 1st International Conference on Security in Pervasive C- puting was to develop new security concepts for complex application scenarios based on systems like handhelds, phones, smartcards, and smart labels hand in hand with the emerging technology of ubiquitous and pervasive computing. Particular subjects were methodsand technologyconcerningthe identi?cationof risks, the de?nition of security policies, and the development of security measures that are related to the speci?c - pects of ubiquitous and pervasive computing like mobility, communication, and secure hardware/software platforms.


Invited Talks (Abstracts).- The Age of Pervasive Computing - Everything Smart, Everything Connected?.- Cyber Assist Project and Its Security Requirement.- Security in Pervasive Computing.- The Importance of High Assurance Security in Pervasive Computing.- Location Privacy.- A Methodological Assessment of Location Privacy Risks in Wireless Hotspot Networks.- Protecting Access to People Location Information.- Security Requirements.- Smart Devices and Software Agents: The Basics of Good Behaviour.- Dependability Issues of Pervasive Computing in a Healthcare Environment.- Security Policies and Protection.- Protecting Security Policies in Ubiquitous Environments Using One-Way Functions.- Enforcing Security Policies via Types.- Towards Using Possibilistic Information Flow Control to Design Secure Multiagent Systems.- Authentication and Trust.- Authentication for Pervasive Computing.- End-to-End Trust Starts with Recognition.- Embedding Distance-Bounding Protocols within Intuitive Interactions.- Secure Infrastructures.- Trust Context Spaces: An Infrastructure for Pervasive Security in Context-Aware Environments.- Time Constraint Delegation for P2P Data Decryption.- SAOTS: A New Efficient Server Assisted Signature Scheme for Pervasive Computing.- Smart Labels.- Security and Privacy Aspects of Low-Cost Radio Frequency Identification Systems.- Verification.- Implementing a Formally Verifiable Security Protocol in Java Card.- Hardware Architectures.- Cellular Automata Based Multiplier for Public-Key Cryptosystem.- Enlisting Hardware Architecture to Thwart Malicious Code Injection.- Optimized RISC Architecture for Multiple-Precision Modular Arithmetic.- Visual Crypto Displays Enabling Secure Communications.- Workshop.- Security and Privacy in Pervasive Computing State of the Art and Future Directions.


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