Agent-Mediated Knowledge Management

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In this book, we present a collection of papers around the topic of Agent- Mediated Knowledge Management. Most of the papers are extended and - provedversions of work presented at the symposium on Agent-Mediated Kno- edge Management held during the AAAI Spring Symposia Series in March 2003 at Stanford University. The aim of the Agent-Mediated Knowledge Management symposium was to bring together researchers and practitioners of the ?elds of KM and agent te- nologiestodiscussthebene?ts,possibilitiesandadded-valueofcross-fertilization. Knowledge Management (KM) has been a predominant trend in bu- ness in recent years. Not only is Knowledge Management an important ?eld of applicationfor AIandrelatedtechniques,suchasCBRtechnologyforintelligent lessons-learned systems, it also provides new challenges to the AI community, like, for example, context-aware knowledge delivery. Scaling up research pro- typestoreal-worldsolutionsusuallyrequiresanapplication-drivenintegrationof several basic technologies, e.g., ontologies for knowledge sharing and reuse, c- laboration support like CSCW systems, and personalized information services. Typical characteristics to be dealt with in such an integration are: - manifold, logically and physically dispersed actors and knowledge sources, - di?erent degrees of formalization of knowledge, - di?erent kinds of (Web-based) services and (legacy) systems, - con?icts between local (individual) and global (group or organizational) goals.


Towards Agent-Mediated Knowledge Management.- Towards Agent-Mediated Knowledge Management.- Section I: Collaboration and Peer-to-Peer Support.- Peer-Mediated Distributed Knowledge Management.- The Impact of Conversational Navigational Guides on the Learning, Use, and Perceptions of Users of a Web Site.- Agent-Oriented Knowledge Management in Learning Environments: A Peer-to-Peer Helpdesk Case Study.- Towards Evaluation of Peer-to-Peer-Based Distributed Knowledge Management Systems.- Section II: Agent Based Community Support.- TAKEUP: Trust-Based Agent-Mediated Knowledge Exchange for Ubiquitous Peer Networks.- Knowledge Management Framework for Collaborative Learning Support.- An Agent-Based Approach to Mailing List Knowledge Management.- Section III: Agent Models for Knowledge and Organizations.- Information Fields in Organization Modeling Using an EDA Multi-agent Architecture.- A Quantum Perturbation Model (QPM) of Knowledge Fusion and Organizational Mergers.- Improving Organizational Memory through Agents for Knowledge Discovery in Database.- Experience in Using RDF in Agent-Mediated Knowledge Architectures.- Using an Agent-Based Framework and Separation of Concerns for the Generation of Document Classification Tools.- Section IV: Context and Personalization.- Modeling Context-Aware Distributed Knowledge.- Discovering, Visualizing, and Sharing Knowledge through Personalized Learning Knowledge Maps.- Agentized, Contextualized Filters for Information Management.- Implicit Culture-Based Personal Agents for Knowledge Management.- Section V: Ontologies and Semantic Web.- Integrating External Sources in a Corporate Semantic Web Managed by a Multi-agent System.- Automatically Generated DAML Markup for Semistructured Documents.- A Spreading Activation Framework for Ontology-Enhanced Adaptive Information Access within Organisations.- Ontology Extraction for Educational Knowledge Bases.- Representing Interaction Protocols in DAML.- Adding AI to Web Services.- Section VI: Agents and Knowledge Engineering.- Knowledge Discovery in Databases and Agent-Mediated Knowledge Management.- Intentional Analysis for Distributed Knowledge Management.- Perspectives: An Analysis of Multiple Viewpoints in Agent-Based Systems.- A Multi-agent Architecture for Evolving Memories.- Agent-Mediated Knowledge Engineering Collaboration.- Dynamic Generation of Agent Communities from Distributed Production and Content-Driven Delivery of Knowledge.


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