Intelligent Agents and Multi-Agent Systems

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Oktober 2003



Five years ago, with excitement and uncertainty, we witnessed the birth of PRIMA (Paci?c Rim International Workshop on Multi-Agents). The ?rst PRIMA in 1998 has now grown into PRIMA 2003, the 6th Paci?c Rim Inter- tional Workshop on Multi-Agents in Seoul, Korea. During a period of ?ve years, the notion of agent research has grown so much that we hear the term agent on a daily basis. Various ?elds such as business, the Web, software engineering, on-line games and such are now using the term agent as a placeholder, just like the term object is used in the object-oriented paradigm. On the other hand, the research area has extended toward real applications, such as the Semantic Web and ubiquitous computing. The themes of PRIMA 2003 re?ected the following trends: - agent-based electronic commerce, auctions and markets - agent architectures and their applications - agent communication languages, dialog and interaction protocols - agent ontologies - agent programming languages, frameworks and toolkits - agentcities - agents and grid computing - agents and peer computing -agentsandtheSemanticWeb - agents and Web services - arti?cial social systems - con?ict resolution and negotiation - evaluation of multi-agent systems - languages and techniques for describing (multi-)agent systems - meta modeling and meta reasoning - multi-agent planning and learning - multi-agent systems and their applications - social reasoning, agent modeling, and organization - standards for agents and multi-agent systems - teams and coalitions - ubiquitous agents


A Multi-agent Approach to Business Processes Management in an Electronic Market.- Modeling of a Multi-agent System for Coordination of Supply Chains with Complexity and Uncertainty.- A Teamwork Protocol for Multi-agent System.- Extraction of Implicit Resource Relationships in Multi-agent Systems.- Evolutionary Learning of Multiagents Using Strategic Coalition in the IPD Game.- Multi-agent Travel Planning through Coalition and Negotiation in an Auction.- Agents for Intelligent Information Extraction by Using Domain Knowledge and Token-Based Morphological Patterns.- Using Web Usage Mining and SVD to Improve E-commerce Recommendation Quality.- Semantic Web Service Architecture Using Multi-agent Scenario Description.- A Generic Model for Distributed Real-Time Scheduling Based on Dynamic Heterogeneous Data.- SweMas Toward a Practical Multi-agent Framework Utilizing the Semantic Web.- Speculative Constraint Processing in Multi-agent Systems.- Coordinated Collaboration of Multiagent Systems Based on Genetic Algorithms.- Honesty, Trust, and Rational Communication in Multiagent Semi-competitive Environments.- Ontology-Services to Facilitate Agents' Interoperability.- An Ontology-Based Intelligent Agent System for Semantic Search in Medicine.- Agent-Based Intelligent Clinical Information System for Persistent Lifelong Electronic Medical Record.- Extended Hierarchical Task Network Planning for Interactive Comedy.


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