Dual Superconductor Models of Color Confinement

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Februar 2004



Physicists who wish to understand the modeling of confinement of quantum chromodynamics, as exhibited by dual superconductors, will find this book an excellent introduction. The author focuses on the models themselves, especially the Landau -Ginzburg model of a dual superconductor, also called the Dual Abelian Higgs model. The book addresses graduate students and researchers, and is noteworthy for the remarkable clarity of its exposition.


Introduction.- The Symmetry of Electromagnetism with Respect to Electric and Magnetic Charges.- The Landau-Ginzburg Model of a Dual Superconductor.- Abelian Gauge Fixing.- The Confinement of SU (3) Color Charges.- Vectors, Tensors and Their Duality Transformations.- The Relation Between Minkowski and Euclidean Actions.- The Generators of the SU (2) and SU (3) Groups.- Color Charges of Quarks and Gluons.


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