Latin Palaeography

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April 1990



First published in 1979, this work, by the greatest living authority on medieval palaeography, offers the most comprehensive and up-to-date account in any language of the history of Latin script. It contains a detailed account of the role of the book in cultural history from antiquity to the Renaissance and outlines the history of book illumination. By setting the development of Latin script in its cultural context, it provides an unrivalled introduction to the nature of medieval Latin culture.


List of abbreviations; Preface; Introduction; Part I. Codicology: 1. Writing materials and writing tools; 2. The external characteristics of the written heritage; 3. Writing and copying; Part II. The History of Latin Script: 4. Latin script in antiquity; 5. Latin handwriting in the Middle Ages; 6. Supplement; Part III. The Manuscript in Cultural History: 7. Roman and Christian antiquity; Plates; Bibliography; Index of names and subjects.


' ... the combination of new ideas, the comprehensive treatment, the rich notes and bibliography, all complemented by the extraordinary judgement which is the hallmark of Professor Bischoff's writing, make this handbook unequalled and unapproached in our present literature and a superb guide to further study.' Speculum 'Latin palaeography has received its vade mecum from its foremost representative.' Eranos 'I suspect that this may well be the last time that one scholar will be able to produce a survey of the state of the subject in a single volume on this scale, in which a wealth of material and discussion have been unified by the personal interpretation of one who has thought deeply and fruitfully about the subject for many years.' Beitrage zur Geschichte der deutschen Sprache und Literatur
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