A Cultural History of Latin America: Literature, Music and the Visual Arts in the 19th and 20th Centuries

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Essays place Latin American literature, music and visual arts in historical context, from the early 19th century through the late 20th century. Topics include narrative fiction and poetry; indigenous literatures and culture; the development of music, sculpture, painting, mural art, and architecture; and the history of Latin American film. Each chapter is accompanied by a bibliographical essay.


Preface; Part I: 1. Literature, music and the visual arts, c. 1820-1870; 2. Literature, music and the visual arts, c. 1870-1930; Part II: 3. Narrative since c. 1920; 4. Poetry, c. 1920-1950; 5. Poetry since 1950; 6. Indigenous literatures; 7. Music, c. 1920-c. 1980; 8. Architecture, c. 1920-c. 1980; 9. Art, c. 1920-c. 1980; 10. Cinema; Bibliographic essays.


'The best collaborative history of the region currently available, or likely to be available for a long time to come.' The Times Literary Supplement 'A superb work of reference.' New York Review of Books 'A monument to scholarship ... a tremendous awe-inspiring achievement.' Journal of Latin American Studies
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