The Dignity of Legislation

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A lucid, concise and original examination of the importance of legislation.


Acknowledgements; 1. Introduction; 2. The indignity of legislation; 3. Kant's positivism; 4. Locke's legislature (and Rawls's); 5. Aristotle's multitude; 6. The physics of consent; Notes to chapters; Bibliography; Index.


'... lucid, thoughtful and persuasive ... he argues magnificently on behalf of legislation by a popular assembly as a respectable source of law.' Times Literary Supplement '... short, assertive and engaging ... This excellent book is a forceful statement of an important position.' London Review of Books 'Waldron is a wonderfully fresh breath of air. he is spot-on in his criticism of the dominant analytical discourse of Anglo-American jurisprudence.' The Times Higher Education Supplement 'The Dignity of Legislation is a splendid and timely book. Few philosophers have Waldron's gift for exploring philosophical imagery, which he does to great effect in his discussion of majority rule ... In this book he treats us to a learned and lucid explanation of why the persistence of disagreement is philosophically significant.' The Philosophical Quarterly
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