Deconstructions: A User's Guide

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November 2000



"Deconstructions" is a user's guide to deconstruction across a range of topics and discourses. Chapter topics range from the obvious (feminism, post-colonialism, and technology) to the less so (drugs, film, weaving). Yet each of the essays has more than one focus, exploring or opening on to further and other deconstructions. The book has been put together to demonstrate the multiple and altering contexts in which deconstructive thinking and practice are at work, both within and beyond the academy, both within and beyond what is called "the West." Nicholas Royle has commissioned new essays by some of the most distinguished contemporary thinkers, including Geoffrey Bennington, Diane Elam, J. Hillis Miller, and Jacques Derrida.


What is Deconstruction?; N.Royle
Deconstruction and Cultural Studies; G. Spivak
Deconstruction and Drugs; D. Boothroyd
Deconstruction and Ethics; G. Bennington
Deconstruction and Feminism; D. Elam
Deconstruction and Fiction; D Attridge
Deconstruction and Film; R.Smith
Deconstruction and Hermeneutics; R. Gasche
Deconstruction and Love; P. Kamuf
Deconstruction and a Poem; J. Hillis Miller
Deconstruction and Post-colonialism; R.J.C. Young
Deconstruction and Psychoanalysis; M. Ellmann
Deconstruction and Technology; T. Clark
Deconstruction and Weaving; C Rooney
Et Cetera; J. Derrida


Edited By Nicholas Royle
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