Sustainability and Diversity of Forest Ecosystems

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Biodiversity is decreasing at the fastest rate in the history of the earth. The sustainable use of ecosystems allowing maintenance of biological diversity is an urgent problem that must be solved. The work featured in this book presents the results achieved by the RIHN project, together with reports on other international activities and related efforts, as ecologists, forestry scientists, environmental economists, and sociologists share in discussions of the issues.


Preface An interdisciplinary approach to sustainability and biodiversity of forest ecosystems: an introduction T. Nakashizuka Part 1 Forest utilization and its impacts on biodiversityLegacies of the past in the present-day forest biodiversity: a review of past land-use effects on forest plant species composition and diversity M. Hermy and K. Verheyen Degradation of longicorn beetle (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae, Disteniidae) fauna caused by conversion from broad-leaved to man-made conifer stands of Cryptomeria japonica (Taxodiaceae) in central Japan S. Makino, H. Goto, M. Hasegawa, K. Okabe, H. Tanaka, T. Inoue, and Isamu Okochi Genetic and reproductive consequences of forest fragmentation for populations of Magnolia obovata Y. Isagi, R. Tateno, Y. Matsuki, A. Hirao, S. Watanabe, and M. Shibata Ecological function losses caused by monotonous land use induce crop raiding by wildlife on the island of Yakushima, southern Japan N. Agetsuma Degradation and loss of forest land and land-use changes in Sarawak, East Malaysia: a study of native land use by the Iban M. Ichikawa Part 2 The basis and practice of sustainable management of forests and biodiversity Sustainable use of tropical forests by reduced-impact logging in Deramakot Forest Reserve, Sabah, Malaysia P. Lagan, S. Mannan, and H. Matsubayashi When is it optimal to exhaust a resource in a fi nite time? K. Akao and Y. H. Farzin Bio-economic resource management under threats of environmental catastrophes Y. Tsur and A. Zemel
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