Konfessions of an Elizabethan Fan Dancer

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April 2000



Better break out your sledgehammer - it's time for a little concrete! Concrete poetry, that is. Concrete "what"? Well, it's poetry that's a lot like art - its meaning comes from what it looks like instead of the order of the words, so it's full of great visual puns and word puzzles. And one of its foremost practitioners is bpNichol, one of Canada's best experimental writers. "Konfessions of an Elizabethan Fan Dancer" is Nichol's very first book. Originally published in England by Bob Cobbing in 1967, and then in Canada in 1973 by Nelson Ball's Weed/Flower Press, it has been unavailable for a dog's age. This new edition, curated by poet and antiquarian bookseller Nelson Ball, redresses this wrong. One of the few Nichol books that is dedicated entirely to concrete poetry, "Konfessions" is, like all of Nichol's work, playful, sincere, explorative, intelligent and human.


Born in Seaforth, Ontario in 1942, Ted Johns studied at the University of Toronto before teaching in a fishing village in Labrador and lecturing in English at Brock University. His plays include Naked on the North Shore, He Won't Come in From the Barn, The School Show, The Death of the Donnellys, St. Sam and the Nukes, Two Brothers and Back Up and Push.

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