I Know You Are But What Am I?

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April 2000



Fiction. Kleptomaniacs, convicts, roof-walkers and homicidal hippies: populated as they are with lives both ordinary and extraordinary, Heather Birrell's stories pull at the sinews of the strange until the strangeness shapes itself into something familiar. At the same time, they mould the day-to-day into something new and wholly unexpected. This is a lucid, dextrous collection that marks the ascension of a writer to watch. "Heather Birrell's sentences conjure worlds. These stories scintillate. Smart, sharp, alluring, they're full of the chance encounters, mysteries, missed connections and unexpected tenderness of contemporary life"--Catherine Bush.


Heather Birrell's short fiction has appeared in Prism International, The New Quarterly, Descant, Matrix and She Writes, and she has twice been included in the Journey Prize Anthology. She is a fellow of Spain's Fundacion Valparaiso and the MacDowell Colony, and was the recipient of Concordia's David McKeen Award for best creative writing thesis. A teacher and traveller, she lives in Toronto with her partner Charles Checketts.

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