God, I Need Your Comfort

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Juni 2004



?"The Lord is my Shepherd; I shall not want." Kay Arthur invites those who hurt and long for peace to be filled by the comfort of Psalm 23. As she leads readers through the reassuring promises of this beloved Psalm, they will discover: God is present in the darkest times No problem is bigger than God's sufficiency The Lord sees and tends to every need Each member of His flock is precious to Him God leads His children to places of safety and peace
Soothing hymns and favorite scriptures complement the short, thematic portions of text. This gift of comfort will wrap every heart in the provision of the Great Shepherd.


Kay Arthur is a four-time Gold Medallion award-winning author and beloved international Bible teacher. Kay reaches more than 80 million people daily through radio and TV and countless more through the Internet as the featured teacher on Precepts for Life. She and her husband, Jack, founded Precept Ministries International in 1970. Today Precept teaches people in 150 countries and nearly 70 languages how to discover truth for themselves.
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