Talking Dirty with the Queen of Clean

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April 2004



NOW UPDATED WITH MORE EASY, TIME-SAVING TIPS FOR TURNING YOUR HOME INTO A SPARKLING PALACE!Talking Dirty with the Queen of Clean(R)The down-to-earth housekeeping guide that brought the Queen of Clean(R) into your home is now better than ever! As always, her marvelous collection of tips and shortcuts gives you the keys to conquering dust, rust, stains, gum, clogs, odor, mildew, smudges, scratches, allergens, pet problems, and water damage. And she works her magic with the hidden cleansing powers of natural, inexpensive ingredients such as baking soda, lemon juice, petroleum jelly, tea, vinegar and more. Now, the Queen expands her domain with: More penny-saving tips...Thrifty hints for frugal living.Waste not...Don't trash it! The Queen finds fun, creative uses for everyday products.An ounce of prevention...Foil common household problems?before they begin.The Queen's favorite tales...Happy endings to the most unusual and daunting cleaning challenges!You'll also find handy sidebars, an updated index, and a revealing cleaning quiz to help you measure your status as a domestic diva.Never be a slave to housework again!"Includes Helpful Hints From The Royal Guide To Spot And Stain Removal!"


Dan Davis "Good Morning Arizona", KTVK-TV, Phoenix Let's face it, cleanup problems are a stain on all of us, but since the Queen has been on the show we have all become sponges, soaking up every drop of information she has. And now with this book, the information...or sponge...is right there in your hands.
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