Ce Marking Handbook

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August 1998



A once complicated topic is made clear as the author addresses the confusion surrounding CE Marking. Lohbeck offers guidance on both legal and design issues. This book includes a step-by-step design guide aimed at both novice and experienced exporters. With its help, engineers and managers can easily identify which rules apply to their products and pinpoint what they need to do to comply. The information presented here is backed up with facts and examples. Many have been misled, unfortunately, but this book presents the real meaning of CE Marking. Shows design engineers how to comply with CE requirements for product conformity Explains legal and technical issues concisely and logically Presents and illuminates US and EU differences


Europe's Approach to Total Harmonization * Directive's and Procedures * Standards - The Technical Rules * Notified Bodies and Certification * Quality and Enforcement * Design Guide for Safety Conformity * Conclusion * Appendices: European Safety and EMC Acronyms, Information Sources
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