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With topics ranging from epitaxy through lattice defects and doping to quantum computation, this book provides a personalized survey of the development and use of silicon, the basis for the revolutionary changes in our lives sometimes called "The Silicon Age." Beginning with the very first developments more than 50 years ago, it reports on all aspects of silicon and silicon technology up to its use in exciting new technologies, including a glance at possible future developments. A team of expert authors, many of them pioneers in the field, have written informative and stimulating contributions that will be of interest to all scientists working with silicon.


1 Introduction: Silicon in All Its Forms.
2 Silicon: the Semiconductor Material.
3 Silicon: an Industrial Adventure.
4 Polycrystalline Silicon Films for Electronic Devices.
5 Silicon for Photovoltaics.
6 Films by Molecular-Beam Epitaxy.
7 Amorphous Hydrogenated Silicon, a-Si:H.
8 Silicon-on-Insulator and Porous Silicon.
9 Defect Spectroscopy.
10 Silicon and Its Vital Role in The Evolution of Scanning Probe Microscopy.
11 Defects, Diffusion, Ion Implantation, Recrystallization, and Dielectrics.
12 Neutron Transmutation Doping (NTD) of Silicon.
13 Transition Metal Impurities in Silicon.
14 Hydrogen.
15 Power Semiconductor Devices.
16 Compensation Devices Break the Limit Line of Silicon.
17 Integrated Circuits.
18 Silicon Nanoelectronics: the Next 20 Years.
19 Lithography for Silicon Nanotechnology.
20 Silicon Sensors.
21 Supplementing Silicon: the Compound Semiconductors.
22 Quantum Computation by Electron Spin in SiGe Heterostructures.
23 Carbon Nanotube Applications in Microelectronics.
24 Creating Systems for Ambient Intelligence.
25 Semiconductors with Brain.


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