The Leadership Genius of George W. Bush: 10 Commonsense Lessons from the Commander in Chief

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August 2004



Rarely has a U.S. President had such high approval ratings as George W. Bush. While the media attributes Bush's popularity to the war on terrorism, he has continued to surprise political watchers with a string of successes and winning the admiration of many Americans.


George W. Bush: The Making of the Leadership Genius. Introduction. Chapter 1. What Do You Stand For?: Identify Core Values. Chapter 2. Where Are You Going?: Inspire Through Vision. Chapter 3. Can I Trust You?: Become Credible. Chapter 4. Bring in the Right People, Part One: Don't Be Afraid to Hire People Smarter Than You. Chapter 5. Bring in the Right People, Part Two: Leave 'Em Alone! Chapter 6. Encourage Collaboration: Build Alliances. Chapter 7. Give It to 'Em Straight: Communicate. Chapter 8. If It's Noon, I Must Be Jogging: Be Disciplined and Focus. Chapter 9. Intuitive Wisdom: Trust Your Instincts. Chapter 10. Getting Results: Hold People Accountable. Notes. Index.


CAROLYN B. THOMPSON is President of Training Systems, Inc., a customized performance improvement and HR consulting company dedicated to helping small- and medium-sized organizations enhance their ability to recruit, inspire, train, and retain the quality leaders they need at every level. JAMES W. WARE, MBA, CFA, is a principal of Focus Consulting Group, Inc. The firm works with leaders to build sustainable success through their expertise in leadership, culture, and change management.


"More in-depth than others like The Rumsfeld Way, it charts Bush's 10 common-sense leadership lessons..." ("U.S. News & World Report," January 20, 2003)
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