Real Estate Millions in Any Market: The Lowdown on No-Down Investing

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August 2004



Real Estate Millions in Any Market will teach you the most innovative techniques you can use- in any market condition or geographic area- to create a fortune buying or selling real estate with little or no money down. Real Estate Millions in Any Market will show you how to:
  • Find bargain properties in any market
  • Develop instant equity with no cash out of pocket
  • Create instant cash flow with no-down purchases
  • Uncover the fallacies of low-down investments
It will also give you the tools you need to succeed, including:
  • 12 fail-safe techniques for successful negotiating
  • 10 creative low- and no-down buying techniques
  • The letters and dialogues of no-down strategy buying
  • How to structure your own Success Strategy
This book specifically identifies and explains the revolutionary resources that are available to assist buyers and sellers in obtaining substantial profits, while debunking many of the myths and schemes that have given low-down investing a questionable reputation. Filled with practical advice and proven techniques, Real Estate Millions in Any Market is critical reading for anyone interested in getting into real estate investing.


ACKNOWLEDGMENTS. INTRODUCTION. PART I: AN OVERVIEW OF YOUR WEALTH--BUILDING PROCESS. CHAPTER 1: Identify Exactly What You Want to Achieve. CHAPTER 2: Taking Inventory of Your Personal Resources. CHAPTER 3: The Basic Education--What You Really Need to Know. PART II: THE COMPONENTS NECESSARY FOR IMMEDIATE AND LONG--TERM REAL ESTATE WEALTH. CHAPTER 4: How You Make It All Work. CHAPTER 5: Establishing Yourself as a Professional Investor. CHAPTER 6: Analyzing the Marketplaces. CHAPTER 7: Understanding Comparable Values Before You Begin the Property and Seller Searches. CHAPTER 8: Using Income to Value Investment Properties. CHAPTER 9: Finding Great Bargain Properties Using Traditional Methods. CHAPTER 10: How to Maximize Your Use of Internet Investment Opportunities and Other Information. CHAPTER 11: Successful Negotiation Techniques--How to Create Win--Win Transactions. CHAPTER 12: Viewing and Inspecting Properties. CHAPTER 13: Four Favorite Creative Low--Down or No--Down Investment Techniques for Any Market. CHAPTER 14: Six More Creative, Seller Participation Low--Down or No--Down Investment Techniques. CHAPTER 15: Closing the Transaction. CHAPTER 16: Property Management--The Simple Approach. CHAPTER 17: Institutional Lending--General Information. BONUS CHAPTER: Letters and Dialogues for Successful Contacts. PART III: CREATING YOUR OWN PLAN FOR SUCCESS. CHAPTER 18: Structuring a Personal Strategy. APPENDIX. APPENDIX A: Real Estate Purchase Agreement. APPENDIX B: Addendums to Real Estate Purchase Agreement. APPENDIX C: Counteroffer. APPENDIX D: Property Inspection Form. APPENDIX E: Seller Disclosure Statement. APPENDIX F: Cost Analysis of Property Reconditioning. INDEX.


TERRY EILERS is a nationally known real estate expert, bestselling author, and seminar instructor who has taught nearly 1,000,000 buyers, sellers, real estate licensees, and marketing professionals worldwide. He has over thirty years' experience in the real estate industry as a buyer, seller, investor, developer, lender, agent, broker, and instructor.

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