European Review of Social Psychology, Volume 10

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Januar 2002



This latest volume includes topics such as: explaining assymetric intergroup judgements through differential aggregation; perceived group variability in intergroup relations; cognition, affect and the prediction of social attitudes; and habit, attitude and planned behaviour.


Introduction to Volume 10.
Chapter 1: Explaining Asymmetric Intergroup Judgments through Differential Aggregation: Computer Simulations and Some New Evidence (Klaus Fiedler, Markus Kemmelmeier and Peter Freytag).
Chapter 2: Perceived Group Variability in Intergroup Relations: The Distinctive Role of Social Identity (Bertjan Doosje, Russell Spears, Naomi Ellemers and Willem Koomen).
Chapter 3: Cognition, Affect and the Prediction of Social Attitudes (Geoffrey Haddock and Mark P. Zanna).
Chapter 4: Habit, Attitude, and Planned Behaviour: Is Habit and Empty Construct or an Interesting Case of Goal-directed Automaticity (Bas Verplanken and Henk Aarts)?
Chapter 5: Comparing Is Believing: A Selective Accessibility Model of Judgmental Anchoring (Thomas Mussweiler and Fritz Strack).
Chapter 6: Cancellation and Focus: A Feature-matching Model of Choice (Steven J. Sherman, David A. Houston and Deborah Eddy).
Chapter 7: Confirmation and Disconfirmation: Their Social Advantages (Jacques-Philippe Leyens, Benoit Dardenne, Vincent Yzerbyt, Nathalie Scaillet and Mark Snyder).
Chapter 8: Cooperation and Competition as Partners (Evert Van de Vliert).
Chapter 9: Reciprocity in Interpersonal Relationships: An Evolutionary Perspective on Its Importance for Health and Well-being (Bram P. Buunk and Wilmar B. Schaufeli).
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