Greek and Roman Historians: Information and Misinformation

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April 1995



This study is an essential guide to the sources for all students of ancient history.


Part 1 The ancient historians: the historians of Greece and Rome. Part 2 The ancient historians and other disciplines: history and poetry; history and rhetoric and philosophy; history and documents. Part 3 Sources and strangeness: use of sources - oral traditions, rumours, predecessors; selections - alternatives, probability; speeches - digressions, inevitability, cycles; religion - dreams, portents; too little economic, social and artistic history. Part 4 Misinformation and mistakes: love of a story; self-justification; family pressure - politics, anachronism; chauvinism - Athens and Rome; wars; biography; moralising; error. Part 5 Should we read the ancient historians?: fact and fiction; the literary excellence of the great historians. Part 6 Other sources of information: some other historians; some lost historians; information from other sources; misinformation.
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