The Game Asset Pipeline

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September 2004



Written for engine and tool programmers responsible for the development and maintenance of export tools, asset management, data pre-processing, or packaging, this book guides the production team through the daunting task of managing the vast array of game assets in a structured, practical method.


Chapter 1: Introduction, Chapter 2: Where Do Assets Come From?, Chapter 3: A High-Level View of Asset Management, Chapter 4: Building An Asset Management System, Chapter 5: Asset Pre-Processing, Chapter 6: Managing Asset Processing, Chapter 7: Final Data Generation, Chapter 8: After Shipping..., Index


Ben Carter (Guildford, England) has been writing about the games industry and other topics since 1995. His articles have appeared in magazines including Edge, Super Play, G4 Ireland, Manga Max, Game Developer, Develop, and CTW. He has also contributed to the Eurogamer Web site and was a speaker at ETCS/GDC Europe 2003.


1 Introduction 2 Where Do Assets Come From? 3 A High-Level View of Asset Management 4 Building an Asset Management System 5 Texture and Image Processing 6 Geometry Processing 7 Audio and Video Processing 8 Environment Processing 9 Managing Asset Processing 10 Final Data
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