Having a Life: Self-Pathology After Lacan

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April 2004



In "Having A Life: Self Pathology After Lacan," Lewis Kirshner takes Lacan as the point of departure for a thoughtful meditation on the conceptual problems and clinical manifestations of pathologies of the self. Kirshner weaves together an avo


The Case of Margaret Little. The Psychoanalytic Subject. The Cultural Construction of Affect. Trauma, Depression, and the Sense of Existence. The Object Petit a. The Man Who Didn't Exist: The Case of Louis Althusser.


"Lewis Kirshner's sensitive and knowledgeable use of Lacan makes the latter interesting and relevant to American psychoanalysts and other depth-psychological explorers of the human condition. By the time one has read Kirshner's introduction, the 'strangeness' of Lacanian thought has melted away, and the reader's grasp of what Lacan can give us-conceptually and clinically-progressively increases chapter by chapter. Kirshner has achieved the unexpected: Having A Life draws the reader into a new explanatory realm, makes that realm familiar, and sends the reader back enormously enriched - both as a person and as a clinician." - Paul H. Ornstein, M.D., Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry and Psychoanalysis, University of Cincinnati "Having a Life is a brilliant rethinking of Lacan, Winnicott, and Kohut . By means of clinical illustration, Kirshner enables Lacan's challenging ideas to become accessible to the reader. Having a Life, through its focus on affects, symbolization and the self, illuminates the true subject of psychoanalysis." - Arnold H. Modell, M.D., Clinical Professor of Psychiary, Harvard Medical School "In Having a Life Lewis Kirshner details his personal integration of the writings of Lacan with those of Modell, Kohut, Winnicott, and Green and, remedying the absence of clinical material in French psychoanalytic writing, he illustrates the way he puts his understanding to clinical use. In the process, he excitingly expands our thinking about, and clinical approach to, nonneurotic disorders and considerably raises the level of writing about psychoanalysis in the United States." - Gail S. Reed, Ph.D., Training and Supervising Analyst, New York Freudian Society
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