Making Local Governance Work: Networks, Relationships and the Management of Change

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November 2005



New forms of local governance require new ways of working, and in this important new book, Sue Goss assesses the nature of the challenge and how individuals and organizations have responded. Drawing on a wide range of political and management theory and research and her own extensive experience, she provides the clearest picture yet of the emergence of new "relationship organizations" and of their engagement with the new roles of citizens, public managers, and local politicians.


Making Local Governance Work: From Theory to Practice
Issues in Local Governance
Local Governance and Communities
The Relationship Organisation
Networks and Partnerships
Politics and Politicians
Why is Change so Hard
Learning and Unlearning in Public Organisations
Learning and Unlearning in Civil Society


Sue Goss


'...a powerful assessment of the demands made upon all the key players involved in local government and governance by a rapidly changing environment...' - Colin Copus, Institute for Local Government Studies, University of Birmingham, Local Government Studies
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