Russia: A State of Uncertainty

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November 2001



This work traces Russia's complex historical development in the last century, as well as its recent political troubles and economic misfortunes, and its place in the contemporary international system. Providing up-to-date information on Russian political developments, including the elections of 1999 and 2000, Robinson assesses the chances of future projects of political and economic reconstruction.


List of tables, Chronology, Preface and acknowledgements, 1. Introduction: strong states, weak states and the Russian problem 2. The limits of despotism: Tasarism and Soviet Socialism 3. Russian politics under Boris Yeltsin: democratic hopes versus political fragmentation 4. From planned economy to 'virtual economy': the failure of economic transformation


"an interesting look at the foundation of the Russian presidency. The whole description of yeltsin's political strategy is instructive and enlightening. The book supplies a useful chronology of Russia in the twentieth century."
-choice, December 2002
""Russia: A State of Uncertainty should be adopted as a textbook in undergraduate courses on Russian politics and history, and would also prove interesting to general readers who want an engaging basic primer on the Russian state."
-"Canadian Journal of History
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