Privacy Enhancing Technologies

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Dezember 2003



PET 2003 was the 3rd Workshop on Privacy Enhancing Technologies. It all startedin2000withHannesFederrathorganizing"DesigningPrivacyEnhancing Technologies: Workshop on Design Issues in Anonymity and Unobservability," July 25-26, 2000, held at the Computer Science Institute (ICSI), Berkeley, CA (LNCS 2009). Roger Dingledine, Adam Shostack, and Paul Syverson continued in April 2002 in San Francisco (PET 2002, LNCS 2482). This year was Dresden, and as long as the new PET ?eld prospers, we intend to hold this workshop annually. The workshop focused on the design and realization of anonymity and an- censorship services for the Internet and other communication networks. Besides the excellent technical papers, we had four panels, led by Richard Clayton, - drei Serjantov, Marit Hansen, and Allan Friedman. This year we also extended our work-in-progress talk schedule, allowing 24 people from the audience to - troduce a variety of new technologies and perspectives. An event like PET 2003 cannot happen without the work and dedication of many individuals. First we thank the authors, who wrote and submitted 52 full papers. Next the program committee, who wrote 163 reviews and - lected14papersforpresentationandpublication,withadditionalreviewinghelp from Peter Berlich, Oliver Berthold, Steve Bishop, Jan Camenisch, Sebastian Clauß, Allison Clayton, George Danezis, Christian Friberg, Philippe Golle, Mike Gurski, Guenter Karjoth, Dogan Kesdogan, Stefan Kopsell, ¿ Thomas Kriegelstein, Heinrich Langos, Nick Mathewson, Richard E. Newman, Richard Owens, David Parkes, Peter Pietzuch, Sandra Steinbrecher, Nathalie Weiler, Matthew Wright, and Sheng Zhong.


Mix-Networks with Restricted Routes.- Generalising Mixes.- Modelling Unlinkability.- Metrics for Traffic Analysis Prevention.- Breaking and Mending Resilient Mix-Nets.- Improving Onion Notation.- Engineering Privacy in Public: Confounding Face Recognition.- From Privacy Legislation to Interface Design: Implementing Information Privacy in Human-Computer Interactions.- Thwarting Web Censorship with Untrusted Messenger Discovery.- gap - Practical Anonymous Networking.- An Analysis of GNUnet and the Implications for Anonymous, Censorship-Resistant Networks.- A Component Architecture for Dynamically Managing Privacy Constraints in Personalized Web-Based Systems.- Privacy in Enterprise Identity Federation.- From P3P to Data Licenses.


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