Pain Medicine Manual

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November 2003



Pain Medicine Manual, 2nd Edition, is an accessible, informative guide to the clinical problems encountered in the pain clinic. Chronic pain is a distressing problem for a significant group of patients and this new edition of Pain Medicine Manual is an ideal resource for any clinician involved in the management of these patients.


Introduction Pain Clinic Organization/Structure Pain Patient Pain Physiology and Pharmacology Pain Epidemiology Measurement of Pain Neuropathic Pain Complex Regional pain Syndromes Muscle and Soft Tissue Pain Syndromes Headache Face Pain Neck pain Thoracic pain Abdominal pain Pelvic pain Low Back Pain: surgeon's view Low Back Pain: physician's view Back Pain Interventional Techniques Coccydinia Failed Back Syndrome Peripheral Vascular Disease Postherpetic Neuralgia Trigeminal Neuralgia Phantom Limb Pain Refractory Angina Poststroke Pain Postsurgical and Scar Pain Pain of Unknown Aetiology Palliative Care in Advanced Cancer Palliative Care Interventional Approach Pain in HIV Pain in Children Psychological Treatments including Pain Management Programmes The Future
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