How to Invest in Real Estate with Little or No Money Down

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August 2004



One of America's most trusted real estate experts tells how to make a killingin real estate using other people's money.


1. Acquiring Real Estate Wealth 12. Creating Your Own Road Map to Financial Freedom 173. Little to No Cash Down Payment Financing 234. Get Others to Lend You the Money to Buy 375. The Big Surprise-Transaction Costs 496. The Big Trap-Negative Cash Flow 617. Finding Good Rentals 738. Flip Quickly or Hold Long Term? 859. Acquiring Rentals 9910. The Keys to Being a Successful Landlord 11511. Tricks of the Purchase Agreement 13312. Working the Tax Laws to Your Advantage 147Conclusion Working for Yourself 161Appendix 1 Solving Credit Problems 167Appendix 2 Selling Short 187Appendix 3 Little to No Cash Down Federal Loan Programs 193Appendix 4 Mortgage Priority in Foreclosure 205Index 207


Robert Irwin has built homes from the ground up as well as completed dozens of major renovation and remodeling projects. He is best known as a real estate broker and the author of the best-selling Tips & Traps real estate series. He serves as a consultant to lenders, investors, and brokers. With over 50 books, including Buying a Home on the Internet and The Pocket Guide for Home Buyers, Irwin is recognized as one of the most knowledgeable writers in the real estate field today.
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