Globalizing Education for Work: Comparative Perspectives on Gender and the New Economy

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This book takes a critical look at the impact of globalization as it relates to educating women for work. It explores current efforts in a number of nations to make vocational education and training gender equitable.


Contents: Preface. R.D. Lakes, P.A. Carter, Globalizing Education for Work: An Introduction. P.A. Carter, Education and Work as Human Rights for Women: A Feminist Analysis. R.D. Lakes, Working-Class Masculinities and Schooling: New Considerations for Vocational Education. T. Ramalho, Defying the Grip of Globalization: Brazilian Women's Employment and Education for Work. H.K. Pae, R.D. Lakes, Preparation for (In)equality: Women in South Korean Vocational Education. J. Lasonen, Poverty and Powerlessness in Ethiopia: Shaping Gender Equity Through Technical, Vocational Education, and Training. L. Mjelde, Changing Work, Changing Households: New Challenges to Masculinity and Femininity in Norwegian Vocational Education. T. Fenwick, Gender and the New Economy--Enterprise Discourses in Canada: Implications for Workplace Learning and Education. M. Malloch, Where Are the Women in Vocational Education and Training? An Assessment of Technical and Further Education (TAFE) in Australia. K. Kraus, P.A. Carter, Disincentives to Employment: Family and Educational Policies in Unified Germany. S.M. Culver, P.L. Burge, Gender Equity in Vocational Education in the United States: The Unfinished Agenda. R.D. Lakes, P.A. Carter, Afterword.
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