Hunter's Guide to Accurate Shooting: How to Hit What You're Aiming at in Any Situation

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Oktober 2004



A complete guide to shooting with every major big-game caliber.


(1) Accuracy Counts (2) Choosing the Right Rifle (3) Proper Rifle Fit (4) Matching Optics to Your Rifle - How to Choose the Correct Scope (5) What Weight Bullet? (6) Breaking in Your Rifle (7) Cleaning Your Big-Game Rifle (8) Field Care of Your Rifle (9) Gun Storage (10) Practice, Practice, Practice (11) Dealing with Wind (12) Dealing with Uphill Shots (13) Dealing with Downhill Shots (14) Long Shots, Short Shots (15) Shots Through the Trees (16) Shots at Running Game (17) Shots at Standing Game (18) Quartering-Away Shots (19) Low Light Shots (20) Bright Light Shots (21) Shots in Shadows (22) Cold-weather Shots (23) Hot-weather Shots (24) Rain and Snow


Wayne van Zwoll has written a number of books on guns and hunting, including The Hunter's Guide to Ballistics and The Complete Book of the .22 (page 112). He is a magazine contributor, professional photographer, elk hunting guide, and ballistics expert. He earned his doctorate studying recent changes in hunting and how they affect wildlife policy.
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