How to Do Everything with Access 2002

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April 2001



Contains step-by-step examples for using Access 2002 as an information manager. This book contains chapters that begin with specific how-to topics that will be covered, and within the chapter, each topic contains a walkthrough of the process. It covers designing tables for storing information, entering and editing data, and retrieving information.


Part I: Get Started.

Chapter 1: Getting Acquainted with Access 2002.

Chapter 2: Creating a Database.

Chapter 3: Creating and Modifying Tables.

Chapter 4: Relating Tables.

Chapter 5: Entering and Editing Data.

Part II: Retrieve and Present Information.

Chapter 6: Sorting, Filtering, and Printing Records.

Chapter 7: Extracting Information with Queries.

Chapter 8: Creating Advanced Queries.

Chapter 9: Understanding Form and Report Design Basics.

Chapter 10: Creating Custom Forms and Subforms.

Chapter 11: Creating and Customizing Reports and Subreports.

Chapter 12: Creating Charts, PivotTables, and PivotCharts.

Part III: Improve the Access 2002 Workplace.

Chapter 13: Customizing the Workplace.

Chapter 14: Using Access to Improve Performance.

Chapter 15: Automating with Macros.

Chapter 16: Customizing Menus and Toolbars.

Chapter 17: Creating Custom Switchboards and Dialog Boxes.

Part IV: Exchange Data with Others.

Chapter 18: Exchanging Database Objects and Text.

Chapter 19: Exchanging Data with Outside Sources.

Chapter 20: Creating Data Access Pages.

Part V: Application Development.

Chapter 21: Sharing with Multiple Users.

Chapter 22: Securing a Database.

Appendix A: Converting to Access 2002.


Virginia Andersen (San Diego, CA) is a freelance author and writer who has written or contributed to nearly 25 books about PC-based applications, including many student tutorials and accompanying instructor manuals with exercise disks. Virginia is certified as a Microsoft Access MOUS Expert.
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