Motor Assessment of the Developing Infant

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März 1994



Findings supporting the benefit of early treatment of central nervous dysfunction have made the assessment of motor control problems of infants essential. This new book presents current theories of infant motor development and discusses the unique challenges involved in the assessment of the motor skills of developing infants as compared to that of adults. Provides step-by-step instruction for using the Alberta Infant Motor Scale (AIMS) - a new scale that measures infant motor development.


Theories of Motor Development. Motor Assessment of the Developing Infant. Alberta Infant Motor Scale: Construction of a Motor Assessment Tool for the Developing Infant. Administration Guidelines. Prone Subscale. Supine Subscale. Sit Subscale. Stand Subscale. Clinical Uses of the Alberta Infant Motor Scale. Psychometric Properties of the Aims. Norm-Referencing of the Alberta Infant Motor Scale.
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